Ashé Cultural Arts Center

ASHÉ CULTURAL ARTS CENTER is an initiative of EFFORTS OF GRACE, INC. Located in Central City New Orleans, Ashé Cultural Arts Center has established a successful practice of cultural art presentation and production, community development, artist support, and the creation of partnerships and collaborations that amplify the impact and reach of our outreach and support efforts.

During this Post Hurricane Katrina recovery phase, our mission is to serve as:

  • A community-based center for ReBuild New Orleans activities
  • A strong advocate for culture, community and justice principles in the ReBuild New Orleans effort
  • A leader in the strategy to re-populate the Central City neighborhood with it's former residents, and other like-minded neighbors who will work with us to establish a community that respects the values of diversity, justice, cultural fabric, strong families, strong educational resources, youth development, and a robust economy available to all
  • A producer and presenter of multi-disciplinary cultural art works throughout the New Orleans Diaspora (Katrina evacuee locations) that inform and guide the consciousness of community, public policymakers, and business leaders about ReBuild New Orleans issues; and
  • Support and assistance for New Orleans artists and culture bearers in their efforts to resume their lives and careers

Articles by Ashé Cultural Arts Center