Family Pleas for Fair Investigation for Lower 9th Ward Resident Shot by the National Guard Military Police

Vigil and March for Killed Lower 9th Ward Resident

Subject: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: VIGIL and March for Killed Lower 9th Ward Resident

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: For More Information:
March 8, 2007 Michelle Shin (415) 794-7507

Family Pleas For Fair Investigation for
Lower 9th Ward Resident Shot By the
National Guard Military Police

NEW ORLEANS, LA – On Thursday, March 8, 2007, in response to the killing of Terry Burton, aged 53, by the National Guard Military Police, family and community members will be holding a candlelight vigil in the Lower 9th Ward to mourn this senseless death. On March 9th, 2007 the family is calling for a march on city hall to demand justice and accountability.

Event 1: Candlelight Vigil for Terry Burton
When: March 8th, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Where: 2139 Benton St. at the corner of Miro St. in the Lower 9 th Ward

Event 2: March on City Hall
When: March 9th, 3:00 pm

Where: Front Steps of City Hall

According the NOPD release of information to the public, at some time in the early hours of March 8th, 2007 Terry Burton was confronted by the National Guard when a presumed altercation took place resulting in Mr. Burton being shot in the chest multiple times while in his home.
"There are no bullet holes, no splattered blood, not bloody footprints in the house and we are supposed to believe the official reports that Terry was shot in his chest, multiple times while in his home. The story already doesn't add up, and we demand a fair and thorough investigation and not a cover-up. Let Justice Prevail!" stated Henry Fagen, Uncle of Terry Burton.

In June of 2006, Mayor Ray Nagin requested the assistance of 300 National Guard to patrol the City of New Orleans' less populated neighborhoods. Included in the area designated for patrol by the National Guard is the Lower 9th Ward. The stated intention of the additional patrol was to protect property from looters. It needs to be included in the Guards' mission statement to protect the property owners as well. However, it continues to be a contentious issue to have military personnel patrolling the streets of a United States city as if it were a war zone.

"Terry was not a violent person, he was a person who preached love and tolerance. He was a man suffering from an untreated mental illness and had been actively seeking assistance, but with the lack of mental health resources available in the city he was left with no help. This was a man who had a knowledge base out of this world and had so much to offer, he just had a hard time communicating with other people sometimes because of his illness. It was probably what created the confusion with the National Guard," stated friend and neighbor Louis Keller, Jr.