Homeland Secuity Begins with Homes!!!

Elizabeth Cook
Date Published: 
April 12, 2007
Press conference and rally to demand Senator Mary Landrieu supprt bill to reopen public housing in new orleans and provide more money to repair private homes damaged by the hurricanes.

Homeland Security Begins With Homes!!

Join Rally to Demand Sen. Mary Landrieu Support HR 1227 to Reopen Housing Now!!

Senator Mary Landrieu will be the keynote speaker at a so-called ‘Homeland Security Forum” sponsored by corporations hustling contracts from the federal government. Yet, at this forum there will be no talk about real homeland security for Louisianans, like constructing better levees, like preserving our wetlands, and like passing House Bill HR 1227 that includes:

· Making $1.75 BILLION in unexpended FEMA funds available to the Louisiana Recovery Authority’s Road Home program, that is designed to help private homeowners rebuild.

· Opening 3,000 badly needed public housing apartments in New Orleans by August 2007, and one-for one replacement in any redevelopment plans for HANO’s stock of over 7,000 apartments.

Senator Landrieu has done NOTHING to pass this bill; indeed she is trying to kill it! She and her family have relied on the support of working class and African American voters for years, but she is doing nothing to meet their REAL homeland security needs. Come out Friday and send her a clear message: Sponsor and Support HR 1227 in the Senate Now!!

Pres Conference and Rally
Friday, April 20
Gather at 11:30 AM, Picket until 2 PM
611 Poydras Ave.
Pan American Life Center

Sponsor: C3/Hands Off Iberville, United Front for Affordable Housing
For more information and to endorse this action call Elizabeth Cook at 504-319-3564