Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools

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Welcome to Rethink, Kids Rethinking New Orleans’ Schools.

We are New Orleans public school students, ages 10 - 16. We believe
kids deserve a major voice in schools. We go to these places every
day, right? Who is a better authority than us?

Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of our public schools. Horrible as
that was, we now have a great opportunity. We can change a bad school
system (one of the worst in the country) into a good one. Maybe even
a great one.

So we spent the summer RETHINK-ing our old schools. Then we held a big
news conference to tell the city our ideas. You can read what we said
here on the website.

This school year is a big one for us. We threw our ideas out there in
front of every TV station in town. Now we have to change all that
talk into action.

Wish us luck.

The Rethinkers

Trynisha, Isaiah, Victor, Anthony, Amber, Josie, Chelsea, Amber,
Melissa, Jeremy, Dudley, Shannon, Lucy, Kayla, Hoang, Aaron, Briante,

Jordan Flaherty, "‘Rethinking New Orleans Schools.’ Wiretap: Ideas as Action for a New Generation." Posted on August 9, 2006. Printed on March 1, 2007.

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