The Land Grab has Begun!

Date Published: 
February 24, 2007

Attention all Common Ground Volunteers


The city of New Orleans has begun the process of unfairly reclaiming properties all over the city. The city government has begun issuing notices that homeowners have had enough time to rehabilitate their flooded properties. This is happening as over 130 thousand people wait for the resources promised them by the city and the state. These promised but not delivered resources are needed to begin the processes that would enable them to bring their houses up to the standards that the city has now said that they have not met.

Under the city of New Orleans “Good Neighbor” program home owners need to have their homes mold remediated, gutted, and their property clear of “public nuisance and/or blight violations” {ie: uncut grass or debris in front yard.) Not taking these steps puts the homeowner at risk of having liens put upon their homes and ultimately repossession of their property.

As Common Ground responds to the changing situation on the ground here in New Orleans we are making a special request of all volunteers who come down for our big spring break effort.

If you are able to bring these supplies with you when you arrive it would help us as we move in this critical moment in the just and equitable resurrection of New Orleans.

-plywood for boarding up houses (recycled or otherwise)
-lawnmowers, weed whackers, and hedge trimmers for cutting overgrown vegetation
-assorted non-gardening lawn work tools
-hammers, nails, screws, battery operated handheld drills

If you have any of these supplies or the resources needed to obtain them (hardware store gift cards, etc,) there will be a great need for these supplies in the coming days and weeks ahead.