Louisiana Justice Institute

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The Louisiana Justice Institute is a nonprofit, civil rights legal advocacy organization, devoted to fostering social justice campaigns across Louisiana for communities of color and for impoverished communities. LJI understands that as a state-based civil rights organization, it can and must serve as an agent for social change in Louisiana. Its creation is responsive to a specific and urgent need to resurrect capacity for statewide, systemic, legal advocacy on behalf of those most in need of assistance -- Louisiana’s minority and Louisiana’s poor residents.
LJI bases its work on 5 precepts, which are integrally related to the principles of social justice: community-led organizing; strategic partnerships; shared research and technology; empowerment training; and impact litigation. LJI believes a community shared vision for social justice, combined with the opportunity and resolve to bring lasting change will produce genuine, equitable renewal to Louisiana. (‘about_us and focus_areas at website)

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