Gulf Coast Tenants Organization

Louisiana New South Coalition 1992
Date Published: 
January 7, 2006

Protesting the polluter in Cancer Alley

(photo by S. Kittner)

Louisiana's soil, air, and water are the worst in the U.S. thanks to the largest concentration of petrochemical companies in the country. "Cancer Alley," the corridor between Baton Rouge and New Orleans is the worst with 28% of the nation's petrochemical production.

Our state ranks #1 in industrial poisons put in our rivers and streams, #2 in poisons injected underground, #2 in importing poisonous wastes, and #2 behind Texas in overall discharge of poisons into the environment. These chemicals destroy our health. Louisiana's cancer death rate ranks fifth nationally, and in "Cancer Alley" some communities have cancer rates 18 times the national average.

African Americans suffer most. Toxic plants generally locate in poor and African American neighborhoods.

The Gulf Coast Tenants Organization has assisted communities to organize against this chemical genocide. successful lawsuits, demonstration, and environmental legislation are results.

– From the The Louisiana New South Coalition 1992 calendar.

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