Some Anti-Racist Training Workshops

Anti-Racist Alliance, NYC. (

Catalyst Project
info [at] collectiveliberation [dot] org

Crossroads Ministry
xrdsinfo [at] crossroadsministry [dot] org Ph: 773-638-0166

Dismantling Racism (drworks)

Groundwork (Madison Wisconsin)

Leaven Center; leavencenter [at] leaven [dot] org
Ph: 989-855-2605

Methodist MCC Damascus Road
http: //

People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond
Ph: 504-301-9292

Training for Change ph:215-241-7035

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
Ph: 617-868-6600

World Trust
(Check out their video “Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible)
*** For a comprehensive list of anti-racist, anti-oppression workshops: See Compiled by
SOA Watch.