Common Ground Health Clinic

Email: healthalgiers [at] yahoo [dot] com
Phones: Office: 504-365-8800; Clinic: 504-361-9800

The Common Ground Health Clinic is a non-profit organization that provides free quality health care for the greater New Orleans community, and develops and provides programs to address community health care needs through collaborative partnerships.

** August 27, 2007:

“The Common Ground Health Clinic is preparing to celebrate its two year anniversary in September. We have come a long way from the street corner first aid station that we were directly after Hurricane Katrina...
    We have grown to become a permanent primary care clinic, and have now hired 7 full time staff including a Nurse Practitioner, an Executive Director, and a Licensed Clinical Social Workers. The rest of out health care, administrative, and community outreach workers volunteer 5-35 hours a week, and we are now working on extending our clinic hours each week.  We look forward to staying in Algiers and continuing to grow as a comprehensive, integrative and free primary care clinic....”
     (From a letter to supporters from Antor N. Ola, Executive Director of the Clinic.

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