Gulf Coast Organizations: Self-Organized Events at the U.S. Social Forum

Date Published: 
June 28, 2007

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June 28 - July 1, 2007


Thursday June 28, 2007


Morning Workshops:


** Ashe Cultural Center & Crossroads: 

‘Art for Life: A New Orleans Healing Music Ritual’


** People’s Hurricane Relief Fund:

‘They Left Us Here to Die:’ Hurricane Katrina & Ethnic Cleansing

in New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast


Afternoon Workshops:


** People’s Hurricane Relief Fund:

‘We Are Our Own Liberators: Self-Determination in the Gulf Coast’


** Catalyst Project & People’s Hurricane Relief Fund:

‘You Can’t Kill the Spirit: Solidarity Organizing in the Movement to

Rebuild New Orleans’


** Environmental Justice Resource Center & Deep South Center for

Environmental Justice:

‘Toxic Wastes & Race at 20, 1987-2007: Grassroots Struggles to

Dismantle Environmental Racism’


** Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, Critical Resistance, People’s Hurricane Relief Fund, US Human Rights Network, National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty:

‘Say What? A Dramatic Reading of US Government Lies to UN

Officials about Gulf Coast Reconstruction’


** Kids Rethinking New Orleans Schools:

‘Youth Changing Public Schools in New Orleans & Beyond’


** People’s Hurricane Relief Fund:

‘Stop the High Rent: Housing as a Human Right’



Gulf Coast Orgs/USSF p. 1


** People’s Institute for Survival & Beyond:

‘Undoing Racism/Community Organizing: An Anti-Racist Solution

for Building a Movement Toward Social Transformation & Equity’


Evening Plenary:


‘Gulf Coast Reconstruction in the Post-Katrina Era: Challenges,

Visions, and Strategies’


Friday, June 29, 2007


Morning Workshops:


** Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, Mossville Environmental Action Now, Gert Town Revival Initiative & Southwest Workers’ Union:

‘Stop Environmental Racism! A Protest Action at the U.S. Environ-

mental Protection Agency & Agency for Toxic Substances and

Disease Registry’


** Critical Resistance:

‘Post-Katrina New Orleans:  The Reconstruction and Rebuilding of

a Police State’


Afternoon Workshops:


** Ashe Cultural Center:

‘Thirteen Lessons: A Theatrical Workshop on Adult Literacy’


** Latino Health Outreach Project, New Orleans Women’s Health Clinic, Common Ground Health Clinic, Santa Rosa Free Clinic, Berkeley Free Clinic, San Francisco Women’s Clinic:

‘Healthcare Justice: Moving from Critique to Action’


** Safe Streets, Strong Communities:

‘Building Bridges Among Gulf Coast Organizations’


** Advocates for Environmental Human rights, Gert Town Revival Initiative, Mossville Environmental Action Now:

‘Changing the Equation: US Environmental Protection= Environmental Racism’


** Latino Health Outreach Project:

‘Migration Along the Katrina Corridor: Immigrant Organizing and

Healthcare Across the Gulf South’


Gulf Coast Orgs/USSF p. 2


** New Orleans Palestine Solidarity & Middle East Children’s Alliance:

‘Forced Displacement and the Right to Return: Palestine, New

Orleans, and Urban America’


Saturday, June 30, 2007


Morning Workshops:


** Fourth World Movement:

‘Families in Extreme Poverty as Equal Partners in Poverty Eradication for Another Possible World’


** Left Turn:

‘Media as Movement Building’


** Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Empire State Coalition of Youth and

Family Services, NYC Association of Homeless, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, Good Work, Enlace Communitario, CHAMP: Community

HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project, El Centro for Igualdad y Derechos:

‘Building Movement at the US Social Forum: Dialogue on 



Afternoon Workshops:


** Left Turn & INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence:

‘The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit

Industrial Complex: Part I’


** The Ordinary People’s Society, Project South, and Fairness for Prisoners Families:

‘People’s Family Reunion: A Gathering of Formerly Incarcerated

People, Our Families & Friends’


** People’s Hurricane Relief Fund:

‘The Second Survivors’ Assembly’


** Left Turn & INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence:

‘The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit

Industrial Complex: Part II’


**Gulf Coast Resolution-Building Caucus Meeting


Sunday, July 1

** People’s Movement Assembly & Closing Ceremony

Gulf Coast Orgs/USSF p. 3