Miami Workers' Center

The Miami Workers Center is based in the Liberty City area of Miami, Fl. We were founded as a volunteer organization in 1999 by former union organizers Gihan Perera and Tony Romano. The Center helps working class people build grassroots organizations and develop their leadership capacity through aggressive community organizing campaigns and education programs. The Center also actively builds coalitions and enters alliances to amplify progressive power and win racial, community, social, and economic justice.

Through its combined efforts the Center has taken on issues around welfare reform, affordable housing, tenants and voter rights, racial justice, gentrification and economic development, and fair trade. We have spoken out against war and empire, greeed, racist policies. and discriminatory initiatives against immigrants and gay and lesbian people. The MWC office has become a central site in the growing 'storm' of social justice that is growing in South Florida. It is a locus of community power, indivdual transformation, alliance building, hope, and inspiration.


Articles by Miami Workers' Center