OneLife Institute for Spirtuality and Social Transformation

OneLife Institute for Spirituality & Social Transformation

OneLife Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing resources for the integration of spirituality and social action. Through classes, retreats, publications, events, counseling and consultation services we seek to support and empower individuals and groups in their commitment to personal and social transformation.

We believe that spirituality and social activism are complementary and synergistic. Spiritual experience can motivate and sustain activism, offering replenishment in the face of burnout and fostering integrity, compassion, vision, and hope. Activism provides a context for spiritual practice, transforming our selves as we work to transform our world. And further, as each of us is individually transformed, so too is the global collective

The guiding principles of OneLife Institute are expressed in our vision statement:

OneLife Institute is an ecumenical interfaith organization providing services of spiritual ministry and education for the realization of a world of wholeness, justice, and compassion.

Our name, OneLife, acknowledges the One Divine Essence - called by many names - which is both within and beyond all that is. Through this One, we recognize the fundamental sacredness and interdependence of all life and being.

We strive to live in a way that honors, nurtures, and magnifies the Divine Essence within all, and seek to serve as an instrument of blessing, healing, empowerment, and inspiration for people and places in need.

We believe in the positive transformational possibilities in every circumstance or condition, and encourage the practical application of spiritual principles to every life experience.

We affirm the inseparability of the inner and outer dimensions, and offer resources for a wholistic spirit-centered approach to individual and social transformation.

We commit ourselves to the creative wisdom of Love.

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