People's Organizing Committee

To build and maintain a coordinated network of community leaders, organizers and community based organizations with the capacity and organizational infrastructure that can help to meet the needs of people most impacted by Katrina and facilitate an organizing process that will demand local, grassroots leadership in the relief, return and reconstruction process in New Orleans.

    ** Sept. 3, 2007. DEMOCRACY NOW interviews  Curtis Muhammad  (
    ** August, 29, 2007: Curtis Muhammad, ‘A Farewell Letter on the Second Anniversary of Katrina. A Message from an Organizer to the Left and Progressive Forces inside the USA.’
    (reprinted at
    (The articles below are all on the web):
     ** Dear Friend letter starting with ‘We are writing to seek your supports and bring you into our dialogue,’
    ** Genocide;
    ** Katrina Survivors and Immigrant Workers Unite to Arrest Slave Owner’ dated Feb. 15, 2007;
    ** Bottom-up Organizing essay which includes these sub topics: ‘Organizing the Masses from the the Top-Down Approach; The Purpose of a Bottom up Approach to Organizing the Masses; What is Bottom up Organizing and Leadership?;  What does Bottom up Organizing look like in New Orleans? How can you apply the bottom-up model to organize survivors in New Orleans’
    ** The Story Circle Model (in Depth)
    ** Oct. 17, 2006 ‘Dear Friends in the Struggle’ about turning POC’s money over to the New Orleans Survivors Council