New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice

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 Mission: (may be outdated, from 2006) 

In addition to co-releasing the groundbreaking report, ‘And Injustice for All,’ the New Orleans Worker Justice Coalition has prioritized the establishment of the Louisiana Workers’ Center to adequately address the long-term impact of the human and civil rights crisis voiced by the workers.  The Center will be an independent, but collaborative, community-based organization advocating for and organizing workers in post-Katrina New Orleans in a multi-racial, multi-industry context...
    The short-term goals for the center include organizing day laborers and other contingent migrant workers new to New Orleans, as well as hurricane survivors returning to New Orleans, to develop worker leaders and empower workers to address wage claims, discrimination claims, police harassment, immigration raids, and dangerous working and living conditions.
    The intermediate and long-term goals include building infrastructure, defending and expanding workers’ rights locally and statewide, developing worker leadership, and spearheading multi-racial and racial justice organizing in the reconstruction and hospitality/service industry, with worker-leadership and community support that will foster worker empowerment in New Orleans.  The infrastructure supporting worker justice was lacking in New Orleans and Louisiana pre-Katrina, and has become a more urgent need since the storm, especially for day laborers.


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