The Louisiana New South Coalition

The Louisiana New South Coalition 1992
Date Published: 
January 1, 1992

Graphic design of LSNC 1992 calendar

The Louisiana New South Coalition is a broad-based group of people with a history of working for social change, which seeks to build a new political movement dedicated to healing the nation with a program of humane priorities at home, as well as peace for all people.

With all of the diverse members of our society (African, Asian, European, Latin and Native Americans) we work to restore dignity to the common people of the country – farmers, students, teachers, small business persons, the elderly, the differently abled, the poor, workers of all kinds, women and men of all persuasions. We will become the catalysts for operational unity and together, throughout Louisiana, we will continue to build a New South.

The LNSC addresses local, state, national, and international concerns, including but not limited to: racism, housing, full employment, worker's rights – including the right to collective bargaining, the environment, peace, justice, homelessness, health care, poverty, sexism, lesbian and gay rights, prison reform, education, fishermen's rights, and the right to self-determination in Central America, South Africa, the Middle East, and for people everywhere.

– From the Louisiana New South Coalition 1992 calendar.

The LSNC put together the calendar A Whole Lotta Peoples Is Strong which provides striking visual documentation of Louisiana grassroots organizations – see the gallery.

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