A Whole Lotta Peoples Is Strong: Graphics from the Louisiana New South Coalition

Louisiana New South Coalition 1992
Date Published: 
January 1, 2006

The Louisiana New South Coalition (LSNC) pulled together photos and graphics from a number of grassroots organizations "who see their issue in the context of a greater disease racism – and who understand how racism divides us, hurts us and keeps power in the hands of a very few" to make a calendar with the title A Whole Lotta Peoples Is Strong. The coalition "supports the work of the organizations depicted but they are each independent of each other and of us." Click on the thumbnail graphics below to go to a larger picture.

Calendar detail
The Louisiana New South Coalition
Jim Dunn with Ron Chisom
Jim Dunn and Ron Chisom, 1987
Dance class at Kuji Center
The Kuji Center
Gary Tyler photo
Free Gary Tyler!
Photo detail
Women of the St. Thomas Residents Council
Cancer Alley demonstration
The Gulf Coast Tenants Organization
Africa in outline
Louisiana State Anti-Apartheid Committee
New Orleans Pride Festival pix
Lesbian and Gay Pride
Treme housing problems
Treme Community Improvement Association
Woodcut of refugees from Central America
Ecumenical Immigration Services
And Still I Rise class detail
Welfare Rights Organization
Symbols of the Houma Nation
The United Houma Nation
Plaquemines fisherman photo
The Fishermen and Concerned Citizens of Plaquemines Parish
Kwanzaa graphic
Kwanzaa at the Community Book Center

LSNC dedicated the calendar "to Jim Dunn and Ron Chisom, co-founders of the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond. Jim and Ron have committed their lives to undoing racism; and to Mississippi freedom fighter Fannie Lou Hamer who understood: "A Whole Lotta Peoples Is Strong!" The 1992 calendar was produced and designed by Charmagne Andrews and Lavaun Ishee.

(Ed: The pictures in this calendar give a visual snapshot of the powerful tradition of grassroots racial justice organizing in New Orleans that has been recreated in the aftermath of Katrina.)

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